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About Our Camp

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RYG SUNRISE ACADEMY has vast experience in developing skills among thousands of children Internationally and across India. Originated from FARIDABAD in the year 2018 .WE trained more then 4000 students since 2018, and more then 500 students completed their courses(all levels of abacus and vedic math) and rest are still learning and about to finish 

We have more then 50 centers across INDIA and we have more then 60 trainers in our academy .

Every year we give best trainer award to our best trainers according to their performance  .

RYG sunrise academy conducts abacus vedic math and brain development program. Nowadays we are providing online and offline classes. These classes are conducted twice in a week for 1 hour daily. There is flexibility in timings, students can opt from multiple times slots. RYG Sunrise academy is a MSME CERTIFIED and an ISO CERTIFIED company. It is a professionally managed company and providing ABACUS AND VEDIC MATHS FRANCHIES as well. The courses are designed for students of the age group of 5 - 15 years. These courses promote whole brain development by stimulating both sides of the brain along with enhancement in all the skills which leads to great confidence in students.

We are glad to offer exclusive abacus and vedic math training as well as franchise to the dedicated teachers. The company believes in nurturing talents and supporting each and every trainers by providing continuous Training support till he/she becomes independent.

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Mission & Vision

We wants to be the most preferred abacus and vedic maths company all over the world.

Our mission is to provide best trainers and enhance the best in every child. We believe in narturing talents.


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